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Top Ten Tips for Dynamic Dashboards

What should you look for from your dashboarding solution? Here are our top ten must-have attributes:

  1. Simple: Dashboards must be highly intuitive to use, requiring no end user training.
  2. Ease of use: This visual technology is end user led. Power users must update or introduce new metrics without IT intervention.
  3. Tailored View: Roles-based dashboards enable the business to set performance metrics by role or preference with correct security settings.
  4. Visualization: Dashboards must support a visual display of information that reflects specific user requirements.
  5. In Depth: Integrated analysis and reporting ensures users can drill down through the dashboard to detailed reports that explain trends and issues.
  6. Trusted Data: Metadata providing context for each metric and demonstrating how it has been calculated and original data source provides end user confidence and clarity.
  7. Anytime, Anywhere: Users must be able to access the dashboard from any location - via the web, in the company portal, on Blackberry, via email, or displayed in Microsoft tools such as PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat.
  8. Complete View: Dashboards must provide access to any data source, SAP or non SAP, OLAP or SQL, to provide a complete 360 degree view.
  9. Personalisation: My layout allows users to display information and design the dashboard layout to meet their own requirements.
  10. Monitoring and Alerts to Drive Action: By tracking metrics and providing alerts when thresholds are breached, a dashboard allows management by exception.

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