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What is a dashboard?

A dashboard is a high-impact data visualisation tool that helps knowledge workers to make better, more informed decisions. Like a car's central console, the graphical interface simplifies critical real-time information so that you can see what's happening at a glance.

But Business Objects' dashboards do more than just provide a read-out - they're highly interactive, enabling you to perform point-and-click analysis to easily predict the outcome of changing variables or circumstances with greater accuracy.

  • Visible benefits

    Thanks to a secure, live connection to your Business Intelligence platform, you can answer those all-important "what if...?" questions without having to re-query the source data underneath.

    Because dashboards enable you to consolidate information from multiple sources, you can spot trends that might not otherwise be readily apparent.

    You can also personalise your view to organise information the way you want it, freeing you from reliance on IT for many of your custom reporting needs.

  • Sharing knowledge

    You can easily publish your dashboards via familiar Microsoft Office applications, Adobe PDFs and to the web, enabling you to share insight quickly and easily, both inside and outside your organisation.

  • Rapid time to value

    Because of the tangible efficiencies and savings that are delivered by improving visibility of your operations, dashboards have a rapid time to value, with half of all companies achieving positive ROI within less than a year of implementation.

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